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Debbie Pierce

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With the Easter season passed and spring in full swing, we're turning our focus toward research and development to find even more effective ways to help you in your ministry. 

We recently sent out a survey to users of our newest Easter products, and if you participated, thank you.  You gave us extremely valuable feedback that is becoming the basis for several upcoming products. If you did not participate but would like to comment on any of our products, or offer suggestions that could make Oxygen more valuable to your ministry, please email us at

In this issue of ‘Breathe’ we release our most recent Preaching Graphics volume in our Product Showcase. We introduce you to another church, and hear how they use multimedia in their ministry in our Church Spotlight feature. Take a look at the results from last month’s survey about presentation software, and help answer our latest question in Tell Us. This month our free download is Tablets, a wonderful image of the 10 commandments. I’m sure you will find it useful to your ministry.


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Church Spotlight

This month we spoke with Phil Womack, Minister of Music and Senior Adults at Memorial Heights Baptist Church in Claremore, OK.

How do you use multimedia at your church?
We use multimedia to display words for music, sermon outlines, scripture readings and weekly announcements.

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Product Showcase
Easter Resources

Oxygen — Volume 14
Spring is here and with it our 2nd quarter release of Oxygen. The brand new Oxygen Volume 14 is loaded with a completely new collection of images and backgrounds perfect for effectively communicating God’s message through your ministry. Our latest release has a number of strong family oriented images. Daddy Prays and Child’s Heart will become favorites for illustrating families dedicated to God and each other. I Love Jesus may just be our favorite worship graphic yet. Our springtime release also has a number of thematic graphics. Stewardship, Teamwork, and Quiet Time are all great topical graphics. You will also find more of our Armor of God series and beautiful Bible story images. All-in-all, volume 14 offers fresh graphics for the season and will be a welcome edition to your image library.
Daddy Prays Child's Heart Child's Heart Child's Heart 
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free download

This Month’s Free Download

“The LORD gave me two stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God. On them were all the commandments the LORD proclaimed to you on the mountain out of the fire, on the day of the assembly.”


– Deuteronomy 9:10


Church Spotlight, continued...


How long have you been using visual graphics in your church service, and why did you start using visual imagery with your sermons?
We’ve been using visual graphics in our service for a little over three years. The outline presentation gives the congregation something they can write down and use to study later on in the week.

What presentation software/equipment do you use for your multimedia?
For two and a half years we used a laptop with just PowerPoint. Last November we purchased a dual monitor computer that is dedicated to worship presentations and had EasyWorship installed.

What has been the response to using graphics with your sermons?
From what I have heard from the congregation the graphics and outline sermon presentation enhances their understanding of what is being preached. Having the scripture up on the screen helps the person who has limited knowledge of the Bible to be able to read along with the scripture.

What is one Oxygen image that has been particularly powerful in your ministry setting?
It is so difficult to choose just one! We’ve used the picture of the cross with the crown on it quite a bit. It is truly satisfying when I find a picture that represents exactly what my pastor is going to preach on that Sunday.

Where are you headed with multimedia in your worship services?
I want to incorporate more of the motion backgrounds during the song services. I also want to be able to have a live video feed to help with the transition between points.

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Tell Us

Here are the results from last month’s survey when we asked, ‘What are you using for worship presentation software?’

Media Shout
Easy Worship

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