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Debbie Pierce

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This issue of Breathe is packed with information and tools to help you in your multimedia ministry. If you can’t get enough motion backgrounds, our brand new Oxygen InMotion: The Spirit Collection is highlighted in this month’s ‘Product Showcase’. Learn how another church uses multimedia to enhance their service in the ‘Church Spotlight’ feature. Our ‘New for Members’ section will keep all our Deluxe, Premier and Premier Plus, members informed on all their benefits. And, especially for Father’s Day, our free download this month is ‘Daddy Prays’.


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Church Spotlight

This month we spoke with Daniel Davis, Media Ministries Team Leader at Madison Campus Seventh-day Adventist Church in Madison, Tennessee.

How do you use multimedia at your church?
We run an announcement loop before, between and after services to help keep people abreast of the activities of the church. We also put up Bible texts and words to any songs the congregation might be singing. We do this because we want to have a “seeker-friendly” service and many people may not be able to find the texts in their Bible as quickly as the Pastor moves through his sermon points. Keeping most of the congregation’s focus up front by putting the texts and songs on-screen, we are able to also minimize our transitions, keeping the attention of the congregation. There are also many times where I am asked to build a set of slides that will enhance the message of a given special music.

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Product Showcase
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Oxygen InMotion: The Spirit Collection
Oxygen Church Media unleashes another motion background collection just in time for your summer services.

Oxygen InMotion: The Spirit Collection is a combination of subtle movement and high energy in 22 loopable backgrounds. With this release we’ve added even more features than found on InMotion Vol. 1. Each image moves on a textured organic background to better enhance your worship set. Each loopable background now comes in 3 video formats, including Windows Media, or you can still play them right from your DVD player. The Spirit Collection includes 14 loopable backgrounds, 6 textured motion-backs, and 2 stunning video animations.

If you have been using motion for any of your services or are just about to start, then this DVD-ROM is perfect for you. Plus, we’ve dropped the price on this DVD as a pre-release sale for our current customers. Oxygen InMotion: The Spirit Collection is now only $69.95, a savings of $20. This pre-release sale only lasts through June 22, so hurry!


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“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”


– James 5:16b


Church Spotlight, continued...


How long have you been using multimedia in your church service, and why did you start using visual imagery?
We have been using multimedia in our church service for 4 - 5 years. We began by running down the motorized screen in the middle of the stage and only putting the texts on-screen. Once we had convinced the congregation and our senior pastor about the viability of this process, we purchased two projectors and multimedia became part of our service. It is important to reinforce the message that the person up front is presenting. If we can allow folks to read along, or enhance the words of a song with graphic images, we feel that those in attendance will come away with a deeper understanding and greater blessing. Also, our congregation is comprised of people with different learning styles and adding graphic images is one way to touch those who have a visual learning style.

What presentation software/equipment do you use for your multimedia?
We use MediaShout. Our pastoral staff does not want to prepare their sermons in PowerPoint, so we enter all texts, quotes and graphics ourselves. MediaShout allows us the flexibility to have a second monitor to display to the projectors while having the first monitor available to work on - even in the middle of a service. MediaShout also has over 50 versions of the Bible, so we can easily use the one that the speaker prefers. It also contains a song database, and as songs are either edited or added, that number continues to grow. Media Shout also has “BOB,” the Big Online Bible. This allows us to find a text quicker than most people can find it in their Bible. So, we can fire a text up that hasn't been given to us ahead of time if necessary.

What has been the response to using graphics with your sermons?
We have seen a positive response, not only as people mention how they like it, but because more families are emailing pictures of their newborns to be used on-screen when the birth is announced. And, people are coming to the Media Center to ask if it is too late to “get this announcement in.”

What is one Oxygen image that has been particularly powerful in your ministry setting?
During a special song to close one of our services I used the picture of the young girl clinging to the foot of the cross. That whole sequence was very moving and received many positive comments.

Where are you headed with multimedia in your worship services?
I would like to get to the place where we have a graphic or logo that communicates the theme of the service, and have that graphic on-screen any time that we now would simply fade to black. It would help to focus the attention back on the subject matter for the day.

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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