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Breathe @ www.oxygen-multimedia.com : July 11, 2006

Debbie Pierce

Dear Oxygen Member,

Another quarter has passed and if you’ve been an Oxygen member for awhile you know what that means. That’s right, the release of our newest Preaching Graphics Volume to our Premier and Premier Plus members. You can read all about it in our ‘New for Members’ section.

Also in this issue of Breathe, a ‘Product Showcase’ summer special that you won’t want to miss. And, find out how other churches are making the most of multimedia in our ‘Church Spotlight’ feature. Let your voice be heard by participating in our latest survey in ‘Tell Us’. And, of course, you can download this month’s free graphic set ‘Prayer Seed’.

We pray that you and your ministry will be richly blessed.


Debbie Pierce
Member Services


Church Spotlight

This month we interviewed Eddie Hall, an Oxygen Premier member who pastors a 250-member church in Gainesville, Florida

How do you use multimedia at your church?
I use Oxygen graphics every week for my sermon. I use a variety of different templates and images to illustrate the main points for the sermon. And I use it for everything from scripture reading, to the sermon, to the appeal. We’ve even used graphics for our communion service.

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Product Showcase
Oxygen InMotion product shot

Our summer product shipments are arriving, and we need to make some room in our warehouse. So right now we are offering extra savings for you. From now until July 31st we are offering the lowest price ever on our first 5 Oxygen Preaching volumes.

This 5 volume set of over 125 unique sermon graphics and 2,200 pre-built slides is now only $248.00! This collection regularly sells for $600, but you can save 60%.

Oxygen Preaching Volumes are designed to make visually assisted preaching easy, with a combination of pre-built slides in high quality templates. To see more of what you will get and to order click here.


New for Members
Announcement Slide

July is here and with it another release of Oxygen is coming your way. Premier & Premier Plus Members, your latest volume will be shipped by the end of this week and should be at your door within 10 business days. Volume 15 is full of graphics illustrating the story of Joseph, a powerful image of Christ carrying the cross, the first days of creation and more. If you can’t wait until Volume 15 is delivered to your door, check out the ‘Your Member’s Page’ section of the website for some preview downloads.

Speaking of the ‘Your Member’s Page’ section, we want to remind you that it is updated each week by Wednesday evening. We are currently continuing the announcement slide series and you’ll always find a good cross section of image sets.

Deluxe Members, your July coupons are up on the website. Check out the release of all the new images from volume 15, I think you will find a lot of the new graphic sets very useful.

As always, let us if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions. You can email us at members@oxygen-multimedia.com.


free download

This Month’s Free Download

“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you”


– Luke 17:6


Church Spotlight, continued...


How long have you been using multimedia in your church service, and why did you start using visual imagery?
I’ve been using multimedia since 2003, and started using Oxygen in 2004. I realized that you have a lot of different people in the audience, both young and old, with some more visually-oriented than others. In order to hold a congregation’s attention, you need to use images as a way to enhance the worship service. When people both hear the words and see the words, it helps them grasp the meaning better. I use them as a way to retain the congrgation’s attention. I have a large college-age population at my church, as well as professionals who are used to seeing PowerPoint presentations.

How does Oxygen fit in with your sermon preparation?
I will have an idea for a sermon I want to preach, then I’ll start looking for images on CD or the Premier member page, looking for an image that works. You probably won’t believe this, but I have at times actually changed my sermon based on images I’ve been able to find, because I’ll be inspired by a particular image. It’s just a natural part of my preparation. I’m a visual learner, so it’s a part of my overall preparation.

Once I have the images and my core sermon, I try to decide how many slides I want to use and/or I look at what main points I want to put on the screen. I go through my notes, pulling out main points and scriptures, putting each on the right image and the right template for the point I want to bring out.

What has been the response to using graphics with your sermons?
The response has been excellent, especially when I went to using Oxygen multimedia. I’ve had more people ask me for copies of my sermon since I started using you guys since than ever before--I’d like to think it’s a combination of the graphics and better preaching. Even the senior citizens like it, because they don’t have to strain to read the Scripture. And kids like it because it’s colorful; it jumps out at you.

What is one Oxygen image that has been particularly powerful in your ministry setting?
"Restored" has been the most powerful image that I’ve used. There are so many things I can pull from that image. It shows transformation, forgiveness, reconcilation, sanctification, hope. As a matter of fact, I remember the specific sermon I used it with, called "Faith and Acceptance."

Where are you headed with multimedia in your ministry?
We want to use graphics for more than just presentation. We’re developing our website, so we want to be able to use Oxygen images there, and we’re planning to upgrade to Premier Plus to be able to use it there, with video of the service, including all the graphics and templates. We also want to start using video clips as part of the sermon.

I use nothing but Oxygen, and I really appreciate the way you always have multicultural images on each CD. It has really blessed our church tremendously.

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Tell Us

Here are the results from last month’s survey when we asked, ‘What is the average attendance of your weekend services?’

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July’s Question

How many images do you use for preaching within a typical month?

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