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How can we help you in your ministry? That’s the question we’ve been asking, and the New Year has brought about some exciting developments here at Oxygen. We’re working even harder to help you be more effective using multimedia in your local church.

In this issue of our ‘Breathe’ newsletter you can read about our brand new membership level, Premier Plus, already a huge hit. Our new ‘Church Spotlight’ section profiles an Oxygen member making the most of multimedia in their local church ministry. You can also view the brand new images in Oxygen 13, just released today. And your Free Download this month is ‘Great Treasure’, which we hope you will find useful for illustrating the true treasure in this world.

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Church Spotlight
Church Spotlight

We recently spoke with Elder Nathan Mizzell, an Oxygen Premier Plus member. He is the church administrator for First Church of Christ Holiness in Washington D.C., led by Pastor Ralph A. Martino.

How long have you been using visual graphics in your church service, and why did you start using visual imagery with your sermons?
We began using visual illustrations on the road about 4 years ago. I used to travel with Pastor Martino as he would go out to venues across the country to teach and preach the word of God. I began getting familiar with presentation software in that context. Then the Lord spoke to us very powerfully and had us put monitors throughout the sanctuary last year, and that's when we started using Oxygen in our weekly worship experience.
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Featured Product
Oxygen CD-ROM

We have just released our latest volume of Oxygen Preaching Graphics CD-ROM. With its arrival comes an excellent collection of biblically-inspired slides. Oxygen 13 is loaded with modern worship images and sermon enhancing graphics. This volume includes the introduction of our Armor of God collection, the Baptism of Jesus and a beautiful portrait of Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross. We are sure these images will inspire your congregation and increase the impact of your message.

Gospel Shoes Shield of Faith Magdalene Jesus'Baptism

We are offering this new volume to you at the discount price of just $79.95 through February 14th. To learn more about these incredible images and this 33% discount offer Click Here.

Featured Product
Oxygen CD-ROM

Premier and Premier Plus members, Your Oxygen Volume 13 is in the mail! For those of you who upgraded to Premier Plus membership before Jan. 17 the Vol. 13 Communication Companion is also included. If you do not receive your shipment within 7 – 10 days, please let us know.

Remember to check the ‘Your Members Page’ area of our website each Friday to find new free downloads and the continuation of the “Books of the Bible’ series. And watch for our new ‘Announcement Slides’ series, coming soon.

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New Premier Plus Membership!
Want to print Oxygen Images? Check out our newest membership level, Premier Plus. This new membership will allow you to communicate through presentation, print and broadcast all in one incredible package.

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This month’s Free Download

“Great Treasure”
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

– Luke 12:34


Church Spotlight, continued...

How do you use Oxygen multimedia graphics in your service?

We use Oxygen in 3 main ways. First, we use it as a teaching tool in Pastor Martino's sermons. We use the different backgrounds as skins to lay our point system against, so that when Pastor Martino is presenting to the congregation they are able to follow the points. Second, we use it with our quarterly newsletter. We will pull from the JPEGs and use that in the newsletter, and having the flexible licensing available as a Premier Plus member is very helpful. And third, we use Oxygen in our Bible Institute. I'm one of the teachers that uses it weekly to just teach from. I prepare a PowerPoint presentation each week, and when we go in in the morning we teach right from the slides.

What has been the response to using graphics with your sermons?
What we've noticed in using visual graphics is that it's a phenomenal tool, not only to capture the congregation's attention, but to keep their attention through the entire service. In a traditional sermon, people are hearing with their ears, and that's it. But now through the visual aid we're able to actually capture 3 different senses now in the worship experience.

They hear and see, of course, but when you put points up in front of people, they start taking notes. We don't even have to tell people anymore to bring their pencil and paper, they're just doing it. It's almost human nature to take notes when you see key points visually. So now by using visual graphics, people are using 3 of their 5 senses in the worship experience. And we're seeing folks just grow phenomenally as a result.


How does Oxygen fit in with your sermon preparation?
It really varies, as we're led by the Spirit. Often Pastor Martino will just give me the sermon title, and we'll go through the database and find something that fits. Sometimes we'll use one illustration and background throughout the sermon, and sometimes there will be a variety of slides.

Sometimes Pastor Martino will come to us and he'll already know what graphics he wants to use, and we'll go with that. It's a very interactive process. We've found the visual component gives us another dimension in ministry and fosters a good working relationship with the pastor and myself.

The great thing about Oxygen is that it's easy to find backgrounds that speak to your sermon. If the pastor is preaching about Jesus feeding the multitudes with 5 loaves and 2 fish, we can look in the database and find several options to illustrate that.

What is one Oxygen image that has been particularly powerful in your ministry setting?
PeerPressureLast year, Pastor Martino preached on Jesus walking on the water, and the Oxygen image "Walk on Water" was very moving. Another one that has been really effective with the youth is "Peer Pressure", which has been used on a number of occasions to speak to the youth in our church. It's a very powerful image.

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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