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Breathe @ www.oxygen-multimedia.com : August 08, 2006

Debbie Pierce

Dear Oxygen Member,

Many of you have been calling us in anticipation of our new volume of preaching graphics. Well, it’s here! You can read all about Volume 15 and see all the incredible new graphics in our ‘Product Showcase’ section.

Also in this issue of Breathe, our Premier Plus and Premier Members can find out about a great opportunity to fill in any gaps in their graphics collection in ‘New for Members’. And, let your voice be heard by participating in our latest survey in ‘Tell Us’. Find out how another church is making the most of multimedia in our ‘Church Spotlight’ feature. And, of course, you can download this month’s free graphic set ‘Solitude’.

We pray that you and your ministry will be richly blessed.


Debbie Pierce
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Church Spotlight

This month we chatted with Stephen Murdock from Johnson City Adventist Church in Southeast, TN.

How do you use multimedia at your church?
We use multimedia throughout the entire service, from current events and announcements to praise music and sermon illustration.

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Product Showcase
Oxygen Volume 15

Oxygen — Volume 15

Our warehouse has been thinned down—thanks to those of you who took advantage of our clearance sale—and now our latest volume has a shelf to sit on. Oxygen volume 15 is here, and with it some great new art collections.

This quarter we introduce the first graphics of two incredible and powerful series, Via Dolorosa and Creation. Via Dolorosa is a poignant and dramatic set of images beautifully designed to create a compassionate understanding of Christ’s walk to Golgotha. The Creation series depicts God’s handiwork unfolding over 7 days, each day layering on top of the other. Because they are layered you will be able to make each day appear as if an extension of the day before. Along with the introduction of these two series we have the conclusion to our Armor of God series ‘The Belt of Truth’ and plenty of other new standalone images. Volume 15 continues with all of the best features of recent editions, including an I-View catalog and plenty of extras.

As a thank you to our loyal customers we are offering a 30% discount on the new volume. Click here to see the complete offer and additional images.

Oxygen Volume 15 is now available at a special price. Save $40 when you order this brand new image library. You’ll find over 450 images, backgrounds and templates for just $79.95 on one CD-ROM. This special offer ends Thursday, August 25th, so act fast!


New for Members
Announcement Slide

Premier Plus and Premier Members, many of you took advantage of the recent sale on Oxygen’s Classic Collection (Volumes 1-5). We also heard from several of you that there are other volumes you are missing. To help you complete your Oxygen graphics library, we are offering you free shipping on any 3 Volume or 5 Volume Set during the month of August. That’s additional savings over your already discounted Premier Plus/Premier Member price. And YOU get to choose the volumes YOU want! To take advantage of this offer make sure you choose the 3 Volume or 5 Volume Set under ‘Library Offers’ on the left side of the ‘Products Page’, or click the banner on Your Members Page. Then just use the coupon code FREESHIP during checkout and you’ll receive free FedEx Ground shipping. Don’t forget to check ‘Your Member’s Page’ each week to see the latest free graphics available to you. Updates are done on Wednesday evenings.

Deluxe Members, your coupon codes have been updated for the month of August. If you haven’t used them already, don’t forget to copy and save them somewhere since only current month’s coupons are available on the website.


free download

This Month’s Free Download

“If He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters”


– Psalm 23:2


Church Spotlight, continued...


How long have you been using multimedia in your church service, and why did you start using visual imagery?
Our church was using multimedia for a year or so for praise songs and some other presentations but didn't start using it extensively until I came to the church about six months ago. The pastor had been wanting to use multimedia and some people had asked for it, because if used properly it has a powerful effect with vision casting, impressing the mind with your message and it keeps the congregation's attention. If you don't have their attention, they won't get the message.

What presentation software/equipment do you use for your multimedia?
We use PowerPoint on laptops with a scanner, digital camera and projector.

What has been the response to using graphics with your sermons?
Several people of all ages have had many positive comments. Generally people have said that they get more out of the message, they appreciate having the Bible verses up, the graphics helped them remember the message throughout the week, and teenagers are more interested in the message. We have noticed that since we have been using multimedia in our service we have the attention of the church (young and not so young) for the entire message.

What is one Oxygen image that has been particularly powerful in your ministry setting?
I can’t say there is just ONE. But I like several different ones with Jesus in them, to make a point and an appeal. I always end with JESUS and an appeal from HIM no matter the topic!

Where are you headed with multimedia in your ministry?
I want to learn to use personal video clips and other action or motion slides. I'm not wanting to dazzle the people with special effects but to use them discreetly yet effectively to awaken and bring conviction. I would also like to use graphics in bulletins and/or handouts with the same backgrounds as the theme slides.

*Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

If you would like to share how your church is using multimedia, please email us at members@oxygen-multimedia.com. We would love to hear from you!

Tell Us

Here are the results from last month’s survey when we asked, ‘How many images do you use for preaching within a typical month?’

0 – 2
3 – 7
8 – 15
16 – 30
31 & up

August’s Question

Who creates the slides for your sermon?

The Pastor
Church Secretary
Communications Dept.
Media Ministry
Other Volunteer

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