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Receive your FREE Oxygen CD Now

Oxygen is giving away 450 Christian images, backgrounds and templates on one easy-to-use CD-ROM for just 1¢.

There is no obligation, no additional memberships, and nothing more to buy. Why would we do this? Because we want your church to see how effective high-quality graphics are at enhancing your message.

Each slide is pre-formatted for both Worship software and in PowerPoint, so you can enhance your sermon and worship time with biblically-inspired themes and professional quality design without any work.

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Is it this CD-ROM really just 1¢?

YES, and here is a look at some of what you will receive for just a penny:


Scripture-inspired images enhance your message and increase your congregation's retention. Each image is professionally designed to illustrate a Bible story or popular sermon topic.



Oxygen's unique soft-edge images allow you to place our high-quality imagery into any of your own backgrounds for a perfect custom look. (4 of 25 shown, all done in PNG files)



Beautiful backgrounds are the foundation of your presentation graphics. Oxygen's backgrounds remove the "PowerPoint feel," and give you a great backdrop for teaching (10 of 55 shown, all in JPEG and PowerPoint formats).



Each slide is designed to incorporate a particular facet of your worship service. Title slides, worship slides, Bible verse templates and more make it fast and easy to create a custom presentation without all the work. In just minutes you can enhance your sermon and worship times with contemporary graphics that breathe life into your preaching and worship(20 of 350 shown, all done in JPEG and PowerPoint-ready formats).


This CD-ROM sells everyday for $89.95. But right now, this incredible graphics warehouse of over 450 slides is yours on one CD-ROM, all for a penny, plus shipping & handling ($8.49). You'll receive hundreds of slides and templates, all designed for your sermon or worship, all for 1¢ when you order today! This offer is limited to the first 500 churches who respond. Act quickly to receive your graphic CD-ROM designed to increase the effectiveness of your next sermon! There is nothing else to purchase, no-obligations or trial memberships. This $90 CD is yours for just a penny.

Hurry! This offer is only guaranteed for the first 500 churches who order. Click below to receive your Oxygen Preaching Graphics CD-ROM online, or Call 1-888-654-4452 to ask for your CD by phone!

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*In case of depleted inventory Oxygen reserves the right to send any volume of Oxygen CD-ROMs of equal value as execution of this offer.

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