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This easy-to-use DVD-ROM includes two complete campaigns that you can add to your sermon calendar! Oxygen’s Resource DVD is loaded with proven media tools that will increase your congregation’s comprehension and retention. Each customizable series provides the perfect backdrop for your next sermon series.

Church Resource DVD-ROM

Church Resource DVD-ROM

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Resource products-bulletins, postcards, invitations, doorhangers, and bookmarks

This powerful toolkit has two themes on one DVD that can be used any time of year for campaigns focusing on Jesus and the Gospel. Each series is easily customizable and ready to go straight to a print shop or your in-house printer. If you don’t have any print experience, fear not, we do all the work for you by giving you the printer’s specifications in individual files. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to create a complete experience for your church this year.

With each theme you’ll receive print-ready files for:

  • 2 styles of Bulletin Covers
  • Sermon Outlines
  • Door Hangers
  • Invitation Cards
  • Decision Cards
  • Bookmarks (a great gift for guests)

  • You'll also receive
  • A 30-second thematic trailer - Play this the weeks before the sermon to build expectation
  • A 90-second thematic video - a perfect introduction for your sermon
  • PowerPoint slides - completely designed to match the theme

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