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InMotion DVD - The Spirit Collection

InMotion DVD - The Spirit Collection

Oxygen InMotion


Oxygen’s InMotion Vol. 2 DVD-ROM is a merger of our incredible graphics collection and the impact of motion. Each moving background contains exquisite imagery paced to enhance the worship experience of your congregation. With 22 loopable backgrounds, Oxygen InMotion is designed with slow fades and smooth transitions so each image will help establish a mood without any distraction.


12 Illustrated Motion Backgrounds

Trinity Movie Spirit Sword Movie Light Movie I Love Jesus Movie
Jesus Baptism Movie Grasp Movie Flame Movie Holy Spirit Movie
Creator Movie The Spirit Movie Prayer2 Movie Candle Glow Movie
 Better is one Day Movie

QuickTime is required to see the samples for InMotion backgrounds. Download the free QuickTime viewer here.

4 Animation Loops

Creator Movie  i Love Jesus Movie 

6 Textured Motion Backgrounds

Master Background Movie Green Background Movie Red Background Movie
Blue Background Movie Purple Background Movie Orange Background Movie


Complete Collage:

This 12-minute motion loop includes a blend of our entire illustrated background collection on one giant canvas for worship.

This DVD comes loaded with 22 different loopable backgrounds in MPEG1, MPEG4, WMV and can be used in your computer or a DVD player.

System Requirements: MacOS and Microsoft Windows compatible.


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