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Lesson Lab 6:
Oxygen's Unique Presentation Design Center

When we started creating a new generation of our Oxygen product, we asked many of our loyal customers for feedback. We made it our goal to discover what people wanted to do, and how we could help them design their sermons faster and more professionally.
Through everyone?s generous feedback, we were able to mold a new, friendlier product. All of our new products (including our new Easter Collection) now come with a wonderful interface we call the Presentation Design Center. This new interface makes sermon design a snap. The product opens up a simple-to-use interface that allows the customer to select a presentation based on their standard design needs. Each page of the Presentation Design Center helps you to narrow down the image and style of the slides you want to create.

Here is how it works:

1. Simply place the CD into your computer drive. Your new CD will auto-load and bring you to our introduction screen.

2. The introduction screen will have four to five choices depending on the product. Today we are going to work with the Presentation Design Center.

3. You will enter the Presentation Design Center simply by clicking on the tab labeled ?Build a Presentation.?

4. Once you have entered the Design Center, it will allow you to start with an image or a background located on your CD.

5. Once you have selected where to start (in this case, we are going to start with an image) the next screen will give you your options. The image screen will show you all 25 images available on your current CD.

6. Choose the image that you would like to use, and you will be taken to another page where you will select the background of your choice. (If you only want the image at this point, you can simply click ?Show Me the Files? and you will be directed to the jpg).

7. Now select the background you would like to use for your sermon. The Presentation Design Center will show you how the image will look in that background choice.

8. Finally, you will see the 6 different compositions that will be available in PowerPoint.

9. The Design Center will then open PowerPoint for you with the appropriate images and backgrounds that you selected. Each slide will be pre-built with the correct text boxes and font styles that fit the slide?s look and feel.

10. Simply type in your notes and your slide show is complete.
We hope that our new Presentation Design Center will make sermon design simple and help you add even more visual impact into your message.

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