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Lesson Lab#4
0 to Sermon in 15 minutes

Every time I speak with a pastor regarding using multimedia in their sermon, I end up being told, ?talk to the worship leader,? or for the lucky few larger churches, the multimedia director. Pastors just don?t seem to have the time to get the sermon notes done AND create powerful imagery within the same week, and really, who can blame them. Sunday is church, Monday is family time, and sermon time is scratched out somewhere amid counseling appointments, ceremonies, and leadership work. This lesson lab is a simple how-to guide so pastors can create a complete PowerPoint Presentation for their sermons in only 15 minutes.

Minutes 1 through 4:
Insert your CD-ROM (if you are using downloaded images, skip to the next steps). Pull out the image catalog that comes with the CD and find the image that best portrays your entire message. Now find any other images that would fit into your sermon as well. For now stick to images with the same background. This is where our Oxygen CD-ROM?S are most efficient?every image on the CD is already built into the same themed backgrounds, which saves you time.

Minutes 5 though 10
Find the file that has your image in the background that you want. Right click on the file and tell it to open in PowerPoint. This will open a complete set of pre-built backgrounds, with that image in 5 templates. Each template is designed for a different part of the message. Decide on the templates you want to use, then highlight the templates you don?t want and press the delete key. Now we need to add the other image slides. This gets a little more complicated, so don?t lose me here! Click on the ?Insert? tab at the top of the screen. Click on ?slides from files?. Now browse the disk for the next image you want with the same background (keep in mind you can always refer to our handy catalog). Once you have found the image, click on it and it will open another set of 5 images for you to choose from. Click on any of the templates you want to add and press insert (***you must check the ?keep source formatting? tab otherwise it will add your new image into the master template***). Simply repeat this for any other images that you want to add.

Minutes 11-14:
Now, simply click and type to add the text of your sermon slides into the pre-built templates.

Minute 15:
Sit back and relax. You deserve it!

Look for our newsletter "BREATHE" next month; when we explore using PowerPoint in a live environment during service.

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