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Lesson Lab#3
Downloading Images

Where do I begin?
Before you even start the download process make sure that you have a program called Winzip. Winzip is an application that opens "zipped files". These "zipped files" are compressed for faster download speeds. You will find a copy of Winzip at www.winzip.com, there you will find an evaluation version that will work with our product. Once you have winzip, follow these simple steps

  1. Click on your download, either on the order form you have received after you made your purchase, or on the e-mail you received confirming your order.
  2. When asked to save or open the file use the save function (you can simply open, however if you have challenges it's nice to already have the program saved on your system)
  3. Once the download finishes open the file that you saved (if you have winzip this should open easily).
  4. Inside the zipped file there should be a combination of different files .JPG, .POT, .PNG. For more information regarding file extensions, see Lesson Lab #1.
  5. From here you can extract the files to any file of your choosing.
  6. This should help you download your favorite images and get them ready for use. If you want more information regarding our product and it's interaction with software try Lesson Lab #2 "Using Oxygen with PowerPoint".

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