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Lesson Lab#2
Using Oxygen with PowerPoint

Using a .POT file. Is it really that simple?
Using a .POT file is the simplest way for a pastor or worship leader to get their message built into a presentation. Keep in mind a .POT file is already a PowerPoint file.

  1. Open Powerpoint
  2. Go to the file tab at the top of the program
  3. Click on the word “open” (or hit CTRL-O for a short-cut)
  4. Browse to where you extracted the file (if you used our download system), or browse the CD.
  5. There you will see two .POT files.
    a. One file will say the file name and the background i.e. parchment the giver.pot
    b. The second will simply say the file name i.e. the gift.pot
  6. File (a) will be a complete 5 slide set with the picture integrated to the slides in different ways. File (b) will be the complete picture on a PowerPoint slide without a background or text boxes built in
  7. Depending on your purpose both of these will be helpful, however right now let’s work with what you will most likely want to do. Enter in text for a sermon or worship.
  8. Go ahead and open the file that has the name of the background as well as the image name.
  9. This will open up a list of slides on the left side. If you have a recent version of PowerPoint you will have the option of outline or slides on the left as well. Make sure the side bar is on slides and you should be able to see all of the slides available to you for your presentation.

Adding slides from another PowerPoint presentation:

Here is a fast way to insert pre-built PowerPoint slides into another presentation.

  • Choose the "Insert tab" at the top of the screen. Go to "Insert slides from file."
  • Browse to the appropriate PowerPoint presentation.
  • Choose the different slides you want to add to the new series.
  • Make sure to check the "Keep Source Formatting" box before inserting. This allows you to keep the backgrounds from the original presentation .
  • Deleting slides:

    Look through the slides on the left. Find any that you do not want to use for your sermon (for example the opening slide with our licensing information). Simply highlight that slide on the left and then hit the delete key.

    Adding slides for Office 2000 or older:

    Older is sometimes better. Adding slides in the older versions is a little faster than in the 2002 version. Highlight the slide you want repeated, right click on the image of the slide on the left, then just copy and paste. That’s it.

    Adding a slide into PowerPoint 2002:

    Adding a slide in 2002 is similar, but requires one more step. Copy and paste the slide that you like, and when you do you will see a clipboard appear beside the new slide. If you click on the clipboard you will see two phrases. “keep source formatting” or “use design template formatting”. Unless you happen to be copying the master slide of the series you will need to click the “keep source formatting” button. This will allow you to create a duplicate slide of any style that you wanted.

    Moving slides around:

    Moving slides in PowerPoint is easy. Grab the image of the slide you want on the left hand tool bar, and then drag and drop it into it’s new location.

    These tips should give you a great jump start. We hope that this tip helps you to create a strong visually stunning sermon, simply and easily. Check back next month for more tips on how to maximize both PowerPoint and Oxygen.

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