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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    What do I do if I didn't get my download?
    URL links to your downloads are provided on your invoice and via email. If for some reason you are not able to access these links, or if you were not able to successfully download the files before the links expired, please send an email to downloads@oxygen-multimedia.com. Please include the order number and your account name in the email.

    What is a zip file and how do I open one?
    .zip files are compressed files for easier download. These files are opened with a program called Winzip. If you do not currently have Winzip downloaded on your computer, the program can be found at www.winzip.com. A trial version is available on the site, and works for opening our product.

    It says that my link has expired. What do I do?
    If your link is expired for time or tries simply contact us at downloads@oxygen-multimedia.com. Please supply your order number and we will resend the entire order to your email address.

    What do I really get in my 7 image set?
    Oxygen's collections come with three basic components 1 .jpg image, 1 .png soft-edge image, and 5 templates with the image imbedded. These five images come in both .jpg and PowerPoint files. This combination allows you to utilize Oxygen quickly and with any presentation software. If you only use PowerPoint you may want to remove the .jpg files or if you always use Worship software then the .pot files may of little use. Either way there will always be 7 unique and useable images or slides for you to work with in any set.

    Does your new InMotion line of motion backgrounds work in PowerPoint
    Due to challenges with PowerPoint's technology, motion cannot be used behind text without purchasing a plug-in. We have only found one company that offers this plug-in, so we decided to start carrying it for you. Check out the PowerPoint Video Plug-in


    Oxygen Christmas isn't opening with my MAC. What's going on?
    After the release of the Oxygen Christmas CD-ROM we noticed a problem with our MAC operating files. With one small spelling error we caused a substantial challenge with the interface, it didn't work. There are two solutions.

    1. Use the work around file we have provided to fix the problem.
    2. Call us and request a new disc.

    Please choose the best solution for you based on your need for speed and your ability to move some files around. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Do Oxygen products work with my worship software?
    Oxygen is a graphics solution that will allow for you to enhance all of your sermon presentations. All of our graphics come in three formats .POT, .PNG, and .JPG. The .POT format is a PowerPoint specific file. Any worship software that runs with .JPG files will work fine. Every major brand of worship software uses this file type for their system. This combination of different pre-made files allows for Oxygen to be easily used with any combination of software.

    What are .POT files?
    .pot files are PowerPoint presentation files. These files are already configured for PowerPoint and can be opened by simply right clicking on the file and choosing the open with PowerPoint option.

    What is the Presentation Design Center?
    The Presentation Design Center or PDC is an easy to use CD-ROM interface allowing you to access any of the image sets in any of the backgrounds in a matter of seconds. All you do is choose an image, then a background and open the image type of your choice. If the PDC is not opening on start-up please read the question in our technical area.

    How do I find the images on the CD?
    Oxygen has two methods of image catalog depending on which product you purchase. Each of our first 5 CD's comes with an image catalog. These catalogs give you a thumbnail of the image, the images location, and the name of the graphic on the CD. Our newer products (volume 6 and newer) offer a user interface on the disk (see what is the presentation design center above) that will make it easy to get to the images you need.

    I lost/broke my disc, what do I do?
    Just call us up and order a replacement disc. We only charge $20 to cover the S&H and replacement costs. Call our office at (360) 260-7043 and we will get it shipped out within 48 hours.


    How long do I have to be a member?
    Membership is on a month by month basis. We do not mandate any minimum time that you. have to keep your membership.

    I used to be a member, now I want to sign back up. How does that work?
    If you have ever been a paid member with Oxygen and are now trying to re-enroll, we ask that you contact us via phone. Our system will not automatically add you to the member list once we have taken your name off, so please call us at (888) 654-4452 and we will assist you with the purchase.

    What volumes will I receive as a Premier Member?
    First time Premier members start with our Multimedia Starter Kit CD-ROM. Then we place you on the list to receive the next volume as it comes out. Our cut off for the next volume is 20 days before it's release. so, if you purchase a Premier Membership within 20 days of a new release you will start by receiving the following volume.

    How do I update my credit card information?
    Oxygen utilizes the highest security protocols for our credit card information. Due to the current hacks that have happened on the web, we keep all of our secure files off of the website. This means that to update your credit card we need you to call in the changes to our customer service professionals. By keeping your card number secure and off of the web, and making changes through the phone you are offered the most protection over your valuable information. Please contact our office at (888) 654-4452 to make changes.
    Oxygen will never ask you to update credit card information electronically. If you receive a request to update your information through a web page or send us information by email, please contact us immediately.


    Your site keeps running me in circles when I try to checkout!
    Sadly, many of our customers are dealing with an internet Explorer issue that causes them to be shuffled back to the home page instead of letting them checkout. The issue is in regard to Explorers security module. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused you and encourage you to download the update that will solve this challenge.
    Internet Explorer Update

    I can't log-in to my account with Mozilla?
    A recent version of Mozilla has been blocking customers from logging into our website. The simplest solution is to use Internet Explorer or another browser. For some customers we know this is not an option. The challenge may be with your Cookie settings. Please try the following as a potential fix.
    1. Tools>>Option>>Privacy>>Excluded Cookies - Check to see that our URL is not mentioned.
    2. Tools>>Option>>Privacy>>View Cookies - make sure www.oxygen-multimedia is registered.
    If both of these menus are accurate, then call our office and we will let you know of any updates we have regarding this matter. Our number is (888) 654-4452.

    What is the resolution of your JPEG files?
    Our JPEG images are 1024 x 768 pixels. This is optimal resolution for on screen display and PowerPoint presentations. For higher print/publication level resolutions feel free contact our licensing department at licensing@oxygen-multimedia.com.

    What are .png. files?
    .png files, or Portable Network Graphic files, are used for our soft edge graphics. These soft edge graphics require a special transparency technique that is best suited with this file extension. This file type should work anywhere that a JPEG or GIF file works, and can be used to insert watermarks over your PowerPoint templates.


    How do I purchase these images for print, video, or other uses?
    Oxygen Multimedia Ministries now offers two easy to purchase license agreements for non-commercial entities. Our extended license agreement will allow you to receive a full license for print, web , and video at only $25 for any particular image. Our Communication Companion offers all of the file types, sizes and resolutions that any non-profit organization will need for print, web and broadcast use. Each CD-ROM correlates to the like number Oxygen preaching graphics CD. Other licenses are available for publishing companies and other commercial uses. Each commercial use is considered individually by contacting us at licensing@oxygen-multimedia.com.

    Can you design custom work?
    We currently do not create completely custom work for our customers. However, we do have the ability to incorporate your logo and information into one of our graphics as a trademark for your church or establishment. If you would like more information in regard to custom work, write us at licensing@oxygen-multimedia.com.

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