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NONE Using Dual Monitors in PowerPoint
Written By Vince Williams

The dual screen function in the PowerPoint program is an excellent way to initiate flexibility during your sermon or worship service. Don't misunderstand—worship software specifically designed for the needs of churches will always be the optimum solution, but some churches simply do not have the resources to move in that direction yet. This is where understanding PowerPoint's dual screen capabilities can come in handy.

Dual monitors allow you to shuffle through all the slides in your presentation without disturbing your projection view. If you have ever tried to keep pace with your worship leader as he switches the song order or returns for another round of the reprise, then dual monitors will soon become your best friend. To utilize the dual monitors feature in PowerPoint, you must start with some basic hardware and software requirements. To go forward, you will need the following:

  • A computer with a video card that supports dual monitors
  • Two monitors
  • PowerPoint 2000 or newer
  • Windows 98 or newer

    If you are not sure if your video card supports dual monitors, we recommend you check out the article below. It will walk you through the dual video card process fairly extensively.


    Once you have set up your computer for dual monitor display, the remaining steps are quite simple.

    1. Open PowerPoint.
    2. Choose the "Slide Show" tab at the top of the screen.
    3. Choose the "Set Up Show" tab.
    4. Now, depending on your version of PowerPoint, you will find the "Monitor" section in a different place on the screen in front of you. Simply choose which monitor will run the show and which one you will use for preview. (If your version of PowerPoint has a box that says "Preview Mode," check that box).
    5. Hit the F5 command to start the presentation.

    The presentation should then appear immediately on the main monitor while the secondary monitor takes a moment to perfect the preview image. Once the preview image is loaded, you will be able to look through slides, read speaker notes and jump to any slide in your order without worry.

    Now the next time your pastor skips a point in his sermon or your worship leader is led by the Spirit to play the songs out of sequence with your notes, you can look like a true professional and keep the congregation on track!
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