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What Pastors are saying

“The graphics and illustrations are wonderful…. Those powerful pictures have helped me illustrate the Power of His Word.”

–Pastor Dennis
Mulvane Brethren Church

“Just wanted to let you know your images are awesome.”

–Pastor Charles Lincoln
Christ Unveiled Ministries

“I absolutely LOVE your slides and graphics.”

–Sharon Parsons
Berlin First Baptist Church

Current Edition: Volume 21
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Why use graphics for preaching?

Insightful studies show that people process information 75% to 80% visually and that memory retention increases from 14% to 38% when listeners can see as well as hear your sermons. This means more people will be able to apply the biblical lessons you taught during your message when you incorporate strong visuals.

Visuals will impact your whole congregation. Consider the following:

— Visuals help older congregants to follow along with sermons that they often have a hard time hearing.

— Younger members of your church are comfortable with high-quality graphics. The Post-Modern generation is used to digesting information visually, but requires a certain quality standard to engage with the message and not tune out because it is “cheesy”.

— Visual learner’s will remember your message through pictures. Using an anchor image to help them remember your words will help their overall spiritual growth.

Oxygen has been specifically created to give you powerful biblical images that will concisely convey your message ideas and help bring about radical change in your congregation. Get your first volume today!

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